Filler treatments

As we age our body's own hyaluronic acid production decreases, the skin starts to form wrinkles and forrows and lose it's volume. These changes can be fixed by filler trearments. The filler substances that I use are hyaluronic acid based, don't contain ingredients of animal origin and for that are safe to use. 

I only use CE-approved fillers that have been in the market for a long time. Hyaluronic acid based fillers can be used to fill your lips and correct the lips' asymmetry.
The fillers' gradually eject from our body so the result is not permanent. The filler's affect changes from a few months up to a year depending on the filler's texture, the client's age and also the area that the substance is injected to. 

If you are sensitive to pain I can numb the area with numbing cream before the procedure. The results are visible immediately however there will be some swelling in the area of the hyaluronic acid injection. You can see the final result after a few days when the swelling is down. The injection area may bruise but it will disappear quickly. 

Substances that I use are Teosyal and Restylane.


Nasolabic lines

Between the nose and the mouth

Sibelius lines

Between the eyebrows

Marionette lines